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Friends of Exall Park

Friends of Exall Park is an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit corporation focused on the beautification and programming for Exall Park - Dallas' largest CBD public park. Founded in 1914, Exall Park is enjoying its centennial year as one of the most improved parks in the city of Dallas thanks to Friends of Exall Park.

  • Allan — “Twice a year we join together for park cleanups where you meet your neighbors and make new friends. It’s a great time and I always leave with a great feeling of accomplishment.”
  • Sue — “Every year we host a number of fun-raisers such as The Dallas Symphony Orchestra Summer Series, Halloween Share and Scare and the Holiday Tree Lighting. I love helping out with the events. We live in a very diverse and culturally rich neighborhood and I could not think of a better way to give back the community.”
  • Tom — “I think if you live near the park and enjoy it – even if it is just driving by - it is important to help by joining and becoming a member of Friends of Exall Park. I have seen such an amazing transformation over the past 10 years – I know they are doing great things to keep this park relevant and beautiful.”
  • Nancy — “I use the park to walk my twins and get some exercise every day. I feel safe and the park is so beautiful. I also enjoy all the people I meet – we are very blessed to have such a wonderful green space.”

To make a tax-deductible donation and join, please make checks payable to:
Friends of Exall Park
c/o Treasurer
PO Box 710215
Dallas, Texas 75371

Contact Exall Park

Exall Park is located just east of downtown Dallas between Live Oak
and Bryan Street, west of Washington Avenue.

Directions to Exall Park

Planning an event or questions regarding use of the park, please call the Exall Recreation Center at 214-670-7812.

For more information about Friends of Exall Park, please call... Tom Zielinski/President at 214-460-1667 or send an email to .